The Magic of Editing -  The Top 10 Graphic Design Tips for your YouTube Channel

The Magic of Editing - The Top 10 Graphic Design Tips for your YouTube Channel


Juan Caille: So graphic designer is becoming more and more important in this time to have a good performance in your job. Sometimes you can make a very good design, but the things you are showing in the thumbnail call me not so attractive or call me not so attractive for that video in particular. ‍

Adam Franek: Hey guys, welcome to today's video, we are going to talk to one who was our main editor slash graphic designer, he is going to provide all sorts of cool insights how you can utilize that as a powerful tool to keep your channel grow. So please watch the video and subscribe. Also great, great news. We have couple new channels that you can check out. We got a Jubilee and Espanyol, which is a really, really cool channel. We have Professor Dave explains, we just started Alex Mayer's who makes a really cool commentary on animations and different movies. So please check out these channels, the link to the new channels will be in the description. So if you're a Spanish speaker, please check him out and let your friends and family know and enjoy this video. All right. Hello, and welcome to the union lingo podcast. If you can just introduce yourself and tell us what you do at a union lingo. That would be great.

Juan Caille: Okay, thank you. I'm so happy to be here with you. I one, I am editor and designer in new lingo. I do the editing process. I do some of the thumbnails. So one of the signers I grow out, personally, you really know. So I'm very happy. That's great. And you're in Argentina, right? Yeah. And when Osiris, Argentina, I'm from Patagonia, south of Argentina. And I moved to when Osiris to study and work. So that's what I need to hear. What did you study? audio visual design is like cinema and multimedia design. ‍

Adam Franek: That's great. So you are doing what you studied for. I think if when we think quality, we think you know lingo, right? And a big part of it is the graphic design. So something that you're responsible for. And I personally am a big fan of all your work. I love your thumbnails, I love all the colors, I love how beautiful they are. So if you can just kind of give us an introduction to how important that graphic design is, to a successful Channel. In a foreign language or not even our foreign language to our channel. In general, how important a graphic part is either in in the graphic design will be your, your presentation card, because it's the first thing that people will see looking for your video, or if your videos suggested by YouTube, or if they they go to your channel, the first thing they will see is the banner and icon. They are important pieces, your channel construction and in your video performance. So graphic designer is becoming more and more important in this time, to have a good performance in YouTube. If you make a good thumbnail, you can make a very good video, but people will not watch it because they will not feel attractive. By the way,

Juan Caille: I think that it's a little bit like going on a date. You know, and you can make the first impression only one time. So you make sure you put on nice clothes and you like look good, like you folded I don't know her spray or her product, and you only have one chance to make the first impression. And I think YouTube is just so saturated. It's like going on a date. And there's 100 people that are competing with you. So you need to make sure you're the best looking person in the room, you know. So yeah, I think that's that's how I like to look at it. And from all the videos that are available. Just sometimes a thumbnail will make me want to click on it. So I think also, that is really important too. For the graphic design to be to be really good.
 Yeah, in a good thumbnail, you show a combination of good design and great execution. Because sometimes you can make a very good design, but the things you are showing in the thumbnail could be not so attractive, or could be not so attractive for that video in particular. So you have to put attention on different things and different aspects to create a thumbnail. It's not only about design is also high level decision to catch the people.

Adam Franek: Yeah. And like where do you think that comes from? Does it like come from experience? Or does it come from like a person's creativity? Or is it just like, kind of like a feeling that you have? How do you feel about that?

Juan Caille: I think experience is very important. When you started working on graphic design, you think it's very intuitive, but it's not. There's a lot of roles that have importance on the on the signing process. It's a mother of experience, but also is a mother of pay attention. You have to pay attention all the time, all the elements will flow in your final design.

Adam Franek: Yeah, of course. And especially with like union lingo localizing the channels, you also have to look at the main channel, right? You look how they do their design. So that gives you some sort of guidelines which you must incorporate so that that adds another layer, like another element that you need to follow somebody else's design and make sure they match right.

Juan Caille: Yeah, of course. Also, you can you can pay attention to the context. For example, there are images that are very attractive are very colorful, I have a lot of impact, you have to think that image will be in a context between other videos, you have to think also in that you have to think in how to highlight in that context is very important.

Adam Franek: Yeah, that makes sense. And what do you think like, out of all those elements of graphic design? What should be the creators? Putting most attention to like, what is the single most important piece of graphic design? Is the thumbnail? Or is it not element?

Juan Caille: Oh, I think as a creator, y'all have to think in the thumbnail at first, as I say is the first element The audience will watch. You don't have to work only in the thumbnail, you also have to work in your entire video. There are other elements in your video you have to pay attention to you have to think in your video as a combination of multiple aspects, graphics, audio, visual, the song cetera. But the graphics are very important in your video to create complete immersion experience for the user.

Adam Franek: Yeah, no. So yeah, I 100% agree. And so it seems like you said the thumbnail is the first step to just get people to watch the video. But also, once they already watching it, there's a ton of other things graphic design wise, that you need to do to make sure there was the whole thing. And as we know, like, if there was a whole thing, you get more money, the whole retention thing. So I feel like a lot of people ignore the graphic design. But if you really want to be efficient at YouTube, you need to take care of the graphic design. And it is a really, really important element. Right?

Juan Caille: I think that the sign the sign in this in this moment is very important. But it's not a just do beautiful design. You can have a very basic design, in graphic, for example, but it could work in your your particular construction of a video, or you can decide for the more sophisticated design, and it will work better in your view. It depends of your content in depends of your audience. It depends of the topics you're using your videos, we also work with previous proposal from the creator when we localize channel we try to respect that proposal decorator was using in this channel. But also we showed thinking in the audience as a new factory noodling away made little changes to adapt that design proposal to the new audience.

Adam Franek: Yeah, that's, that's great. And if you are the creator, do you have any tips for like people like how can they improve their overall look of the channel like what should they look out for what is like an easy way to maybe make a slight change and improve the overall look of the channel make a little thumbnail Be careful with the composition of the timeline, because you can make a beautiful thumbnail but the text you use shall be located so be visible to the audience.

Juan Caille: A very common case is to watch a beautiful thumbnail but the text is located on the right bottom of the diamond. In that part, you don't will add the length of the video so that text will not be easy to read or maybe impossible to read. Always use a serif font, the terminal will be very small in your cell phone or in your tablet always shall use clear and easy to read font. The tip number two is be honest when you assign your time. And I think that the tip number three, less is more. When you start designing you try to include all the great ideas that you're having. In your mind. I think that the best number of things in abdominal is free background image and text that three elements are very important. And if you start adding other elements in your thumbnail, you have to have a reason to add that one extra tip to all the creators is try to create an alimony between the different elements between the thumbnail channel icon banner icon, all that elements show create unique and organic experience to the to the user. Very good. Muchas gracias. Thank you so much for this. My pleasure.

Adam Franek: Thank you for your time and all the knowledge, dropping massive amounts of knowledge in terms of graphic design like nobody else. Good. Thank you so much.